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We provide hosting on some of the fastest servers in the industry and deploy these servers at major Data Centers in Florida and California on unlimited bandwidth accounts. Each and every client account is hosted on- not one, but two Intel Xeon servers cranking along at 2.8ghz. Why two servers? Reliability. No other company providing real estate websites can claim 99.999% guaranteed up time. Should ever any of our servers ever fail Server #2 kicks in and within 60 seconds your site is back on line getting you leads. We swap out the server that failed, install a new one, copy all your data to the new server and your assets are doubly protected.

Do not be confused between a dedicated server account and a dedicated machine. Dedicated server accounts are a partition of a server that operates independently from others on the same machine but the processors are still shared. A fully dedicated server is a single server configured to perform a particular task. Our servers are designed to host and process massive databases of information and deliver the best reliability and asset protection in the industry, X2!

Midwest Florida Regional consists of 15 Florida counties and well over 100,000 MLS listings and over 1 million images. Imagine the processing power you need to maintain and update just that one MLS every hour… Are you getting the picture? This is serious business!

The small monthly fee we charge to host and maintain your MLS database is significantly less than the monthly cost of hosting a server at a data center and hiring an IT guy to keep the lights on. With some of our clients having more than $50,000 invested in their websites we do not take any chances.