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If you are looking for the absolute best listings and lead management software for WordPress you have come to the right place. Not all IDX vendor products for WordPress are the same. We are the only company that does not use a 3rd party product to deliver MLS listing in a WordPress website.

Why should you demand a custom product?

Simple. Our Product allows you to maximize MLS listing data to its full potential. Buy hosting a mirror database of your MLS on your website you can take advantage of advanced design techniques that allow listings to be displayed for individual featured communities, identify listings that are the best opportunities, sort listings by every imaginable criteria and create compelling designs that simply can not be achieved using 3rd party “canned” IDX products.

Custom designs with highly specialized listing delivery create a compelling user experience that can not be found on your competitors website. It is the user experience that creates website loyalty in new prospects and this loyalty results in more converted leads and sales. Simply put, websites that are best of breed that offer users the best search experience are the websites that demonstrate your true professionalism. In a competitive industry like real estate sales, you need every advantage you can get if you really want to do well in this business.

WPRETS, our listing and contact management add-on for WordPress, allows any listings to be displayed on any page or blog post. If you like to feature multiple residential communities on your website then WPRETS is the product for you. In addition to this versatility, WPRETS has unparalleled speed when searching and displaying listings in search results pages and this speed keeps the visitors of your site coming back for more.

Learning the WPRETS simple short-code system you will be able to feature listings by any criteria you specify. Listings can also be featured by Tags. Regardless of the price point, size, location, etc. you can tag any number of listings to be displayed in specific groups for specific marketing strategies.

Two search forms for your visitors are also provided, A Quick Search on the home page, and a link to an Advanced Search Form that really lets perspective home buyers get specific when searching for a new home. Visitors can also create accounts to save listings and create Property Finder accounts that are automated drip marketing systems. Visitors can save favorites and receive emails when the status of favorite properties changes. We keep your visitors engaged on your website and keep them from going to your competitors.

Want to give the product a test drive on a live site and see a great example of a highly optimized site that takes advantage of the full power of a native MLS database?

Across the board in her market, this agents website is found in the top 5 search results of more than 300 keyword terms and receives more than 7,000 visitors that view well over 100,000 listing pages every month.

We manage every aspect of this website from content creation to the professional SEO services that have made this website #1 in Google for Sarasota Homes for Sale, #4 for Sarasota Real Estate, #1 for Sarasota Homes, #3 for Sarasota Florida Real Estate, and a host of other community specific keyword terms.

Using Google pay-per-click ads, you would need to spend $7,000 to $10,000 A MONTH to get the same traffic this site gets for free in organic search results.

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